5 Pop Up Shop Trends Going Big in 2016


5 Pop Up Shop Trends Going Big in 2016

The holidays have passed and our ugly jumpers are thankfully stowed away for another eleven months or so. The seasonal pop up shops are winding down and packing up, but their disappearance won’t leave the retail landscape barren.Before the dust has a chance to settle, a fresh batch of pop up shops will emerge, delighting consumers with springtime wares and enchanting us all with new ideas. Even though pop up shops are temporary, the concept is here to stay. In 2016, their popularity is slated to grow in leaps and bounds, but that’s not all we can expect from these bittersweetly-brief retail ventures. Here’s a quick look at five other huge trends we can expect to see as the year unfolds.

1. More Spaces will Become Available

Property owners are getting the message loud and clear: short-term leases are lucrative and are in high demand. Many of them are ditching their old requirements of five or ten-year leases in favour of quick and profitable turnarounds. This is great news for consumers and retailers alike, as more spaces are opening up.

2. Lines Between Corporations and Small Businesses will Blur

With the addition of short-term spaces on the high street, pop up shops and large retailers are becoming intertwined with each other. For the first time ever, even family-owned operations and start-ups can grab premium property, creating an eclectic mix of stores. On top of this, larger companies have realised that consumers want an experience, not just another shopping trip. Many of them are carving out spaces of their own storefronts to allow room for companion experiences, like restaurants or coffee shops.

3. Retailers will Provide a Seamless Experience

One of the biggest trends emerging is the tech-enabled shopping experience. Retailers are carrying concepts from their online shops to their brick-and-mortar stores, and mass retailers are extending themselves into pop ups as well. Although many large companies are using their short-term rentals to test concepts, the overall experience remains true to the brand and enables consumers to have similar experiences wherever they shop.

4. Luxury will Be Reimagined

Right now there is a perfect storm occurring in the retail world. Young adults are opting for high-end goods, whereas previous generations have been frugal or more into keeping up with their peers. Millennials have an eye for quality, and they’re willing to save up or cut back in order to ensure they get it. At the same time, artisans and budding fashionistas are able to market their goods and reach their intended audience with ease. This means that we’re starting to see a lot of luxury items hit the market, in both solo pop ups and collectives.

5. Pop Up Shops will Be Redefined

There are a lot of developments in the industry, but one of the most interesting is that pop up shops aren’t only being opened by retailers. Over the past year we’ve seen restaurants jumping in on the trend more and more, but other sectors have started grabbing up short-term rentals now as well. Tech companies are opening up temporary spaces to demo their products or for promotion. People in the service industry are using them to generate awareness. Even politicians, people in the healthcare sector, and non-profits are making use of the spaces. It seems like every industry has found a purpose for short-term rentals, and as the year progresses, we’ll see a lot of ingenious uses for the spaces.

Without a doubt, 2016 is going to be huge for the industry, and Popertee is excited to be part of it. Although we haven’t officially launched yet, we are already helping people find the spaces they need. If you’re looking for a short-term rental or if you have a space you’d like to lease, let us know.

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Created on date: 08/10/2018