4 Brands That Made Their Pop-Up Retail Spaces Unforgettable


4 Brands That Made Their Pop-Up Retail Spaces Unforgettable

With the millennial market responding less and less to traditional advertising and marketing methods, experiential marketing via pop-up shops is being leveraged more often to reach this challenging demographic. At the same time, savvy marketers have come to realise that, although millennials are the catalyst behind the shift, they’re not the only ones who respond well to experimental marketing.

  • 77% of marketers believe their experiential marketing campaigns are a vital part of their brand’s advertising strategy.
  • 93% of consumers say live events are more influential than TV ads.
  • 74% of consumers agree that live events improve their opinion of the brand or product featured.
  • 98% of consumers feel more inclined to make a purchase after attending an activation.
  • 98% of attendees spread the word via social media when they visit events and live experiences and 72% of their friends say they’re influenced to make a purchase after seeing that content.

Of course, not all pop-up shops generate the same results. Research has shown that unique and memorable experiences have a greater impact on consumer behaviour and relationships, as does including things like demonstrations and offering free samples. If you’re in the process of planning an experiential marketing campaign, it’s imperative to utilise the space to its maximum potential and make it stand out from the crowd. We’ve gathered four wow-worthy examples to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing as you strategize your venture.

1) Burt’s Bees Cosmetics

Burt’s Bees has built a name on developing natural beauty products and recently partnered with make-up artist Justine Jenkins who is well-known for focusing on ethical and cruelty-free cosmetics. Together, they built a range of specialty cosmetics and needed to plan a big activation. Their marketing team chose to create a pop-up retail space in London’s Covent Garden and pulled out all the stops.


As one would expect, the design of the retail space incorporated natural elements, such as raw wood and foliage. Displays brought a bit of branding and novelty into the mix; hexagonal or honeycomb-shaped shelving in wood. Visitors were offered colour consultations and were invited to stop by the photo wall to grab that all-important social media snapshot, thus providing maximum impact from the short-lived pop-up. 

2) Converse One Star Hotel

Emerging for just a few days, the Converse One Star Hotel brought 90s street culture back to London. Framed around the urban style of the One Star line, each of the “hotel’s” five rooms offered a unique experience, from the "Step Into Sweetness" themed space decked out in luscious cotton candy through a deep red space with Year of the Dog décor and a two-day Mahjong tournament giving the winner a chance to square off against Beijing hip-hop artist Tizzy T and snag a pair of Tizzy T One Stars. Of course, Tizzy T wasn’t the only celeb in attendance. Converse pulled out all the stops by inviting artists from around the globe to perform and brush elbows with attendees. Street artist Leo Mandella served as concierge, while A$AP Nast gave limited live hyper performances in the “Somewhere in Mid Century” room, and top DJs kept the “Laundry Room” hopping until the wee hours.


In addition to dozens of alcoves offering the perfect snapshot and wealth of live entertainment, Converse offered up several workshops and talks for visitors to attend, plus had gift shop with exclusive releases.

3) The Yayoi Kusama Louis Vuitton Takeover

Yayoi Kusama, a contemporary artist from Japan, is well-known for her lively pop art, and is instantly recognized by her bright red bob. She’s been involved in a number of installations and projects, most of which include zany polka dots and pumpkin-shaped objects. While perhaps an unlikely pairing with the oft-subdued Loui Vuitton, the two came together to craft an unprecedented line just a few years back. But, to be clear, the duo didn’t simply craft pop up shops, they took over Selfridges in London.


The main attraction was a pop-up retail space which was more like an art exhibit than a store. Picture a white floor-to-ceiling canvas with enormous white pumpkin-shaped orbs pieced together in sections spanning the full height, with circular cut-outs for texture, paired with massive gourd-shaped chandeliers in the same pattern. Then, cap it off with white pumpkin-shaped display tables and red polka dots across their bases and the floor. Everything in the shop followed this theme, from the white mannequins bearing large red dots through little red dolls with white polka dots resembling the artist, herself. Extreme? Yes, but they didn’t stop there. Louis Vuitton managed to secure every single window the department store had and turned each one into a red and white polka dot craze. More mannequins and dolls, plus orbs and appendages which resembled octopus arms with polka dot tentacles. Talk about an immersive experience.

4) Canon Portals

Everyone wants that epic Instagram photo, but few have the skill required to snap it and, understanding the plethora of tools available? Forget it. Besides, smartphones have integrated cameras that take the same quality photo without the hassle of using a traditional camera, right? Well, not exactly. These are the types of myths the pros at Canon are struggling to bust and they may have found a novel way to address it; Canon Portals, a series of pop up shops designed to educate and entertain.


Visitors stopping by a Canon Portals location were offered up loaner cameras as they made their way through the space. Each portal gave the visitor a chance to experiment with unique photo ops, like capturing a reflection in a puddle, toying with foreground and background images, snapping from the ground up amid a city landscape, capturing a wild ride on a magic carpet, and snapping some amazing action shots in a ball pit. Photo experts were stationed at each portal to walk visitors through how to use the camera and how to grab the best shots. Not only did people walk away with some of the best social media images they’ve ever taken, but also with the knowledge of how to reproduce them and a better understanding of why real cameras do a better job than phones. Visitors were allowed to take home a handful of snapshots produced by some top-notch Canon printers and could have their full reel sent to them digitally for easy uploading to social media with the event’s custom hashtag.

Make the Most of Pop-Up Retail Spaces with Popertee

Although the spaces each of these brands leveraged was different, they made the most of what was available to them and created a truly memorable experience. Moreover, they extended their reach exponentially by giving people unique photo opportunities and encouraging social sharing. You can do the same for your brand. If you’ve got a unique idea for pop up shops, use Popertee’s massive network of pop-up spaces and location intelligence to find the right location for your needs.


Created on date: 07/05/2019