Volvo's Pop Up Shop in Dublin

Volvo set up a pop up shop in Dublin to promote the launch of the new  XC40. The goal was to create a high visibility  experience to build awareness that would convert into  test drives.

Volvo sought a location targeting affluent males and  females, 30-45 in Dublin centre. Popertee were able  to secure a premium space on Ireland’s most premium  street, Grafton Street for a 2 month booking

The pop-up was a huge success for Volvo. On average,  20% of prospects who booked a test drive from the  pop-up converted to a purchase. This far exceeded  expectations and other acquisition channels.

Volvo have since booked two further spaces with  Popertee and are in planning stages for further  locations. Volvo's Brand Director Emma Carroll said “Popertee is a really innovative concept and company.  Brands and advertiser are  keen to engage face to face with their consumers and  pop ups are the way to go. Popertee have really identified  a meaningful gap in the market  enabling us to use data for the first time for our campaigns.”